Whimsical Campground Wedding in Germantown

He proposed to her "over grapefruit at breakfast and conversations about furniture," which I think set the tone for their relaxed, genuinely lovely wedding day. It was simply about bringing family and friends together for something that felt like a late summer potluck- and of course- an excuse to wear a wedding gown little girls dream of.

Everyone gathered at Elizabeth's family church in Germantown, Wellspring Conference and Retreat Center, a series of intimate A-frame buildings lined with warm wood planks. Over the course of summer, she'd thrifted for mismatched tablecloths, vintage floral china, and carefully placed family wedding photos in vintage frames. She even made the flower bouquets herself!

But probably the most meaningful element of their wedding was their ceremony.  Under two enormous trees in the center of an empty field, Elizabeth and Lee exchanged vows. The clouds moved so quickly that day. They covered the entire sky one moment and the next it was radiantly sunny. If their ceremony was a play (these two have a background in theater) the lighting design impeccably added to the story.

Their parents read poetry, a close friend played the accordion, hymns were sung, and at one point, every person there held hands at the same time. Two friends choreographed a zen-like dance routine that represented marriage through movement- the ups, the downs, but most of all the centeredness that marriage provides and the special way it encourages two people to be their best selves, side by side.