McKenzie Elizabeth Photography


I'm McKenzie- both photographer and painter working from my home studio near Baltimore, Maryland. There's a creek with a family of bluebirds, wildflowers in the meadow, and a cat named Cat. I specialize in journalistic wedding, elopement, and family photography. My paintings seek to reflect the innocence of childhood. Whether documenting a love story with my camera or painting in my studio, it's important to me that the work I create is compassionate, honest, and adds joy to this world. 

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More than anything, I see the world as an artist. As a painter. It influences the moments I anticipate, that one frame I choose from a dozen, and the way I stitch those moments together to tell your story. Having beautiful, journalistic-style photographs is the equivalent of having a time machine.

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My pricing is based on time, because budgets are a real thing and I have one too. Daydreaming about an elopement to your local court house with romantic greenhouse photos afterwards? Let me tag along for a couple hours. Planning a giant celebration with 300 people you love? I can be your photojournalist for the day!

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My photographs tell joyful love stories; whether of a parent being adored by a child or of an intimate moment on your wedding day. I like being a fly on the wall and documenting the people you love interacting the way they always do. It's all about real connections, right? My style can be called candid and journalistic, and I love nothing more than sneaking off the beaten path to create magic with you.

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Are you newly engaged? Congratulations! I'd love to hear more about what you envision for your wedding day and give you a custom quote for my photography services. Send me an email- gush about the love of your life a little bit! Tell me where you're getting married and what kind of party you're throwing. Wearing your grandma's wedding dress? Tell me all about it! Is your best friend making your bouquet? Is Great Aunt Fran hopping on a plane for the first time just to attend?!  These are the little details I get most excited about documenting, so I'm all ears!

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"McKenzie had the guts to shoot my entire wedding party from a Baltimore City rooftop! She kept us feeling calm and comfortable, despite the common fear of heights and having our picture taken. She took a multitude of shots from various angles and when I show people my beloved wedding album they can't believe we only had one photographer capture every pivotal moment." 

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A few years ago, I quit my day job to become a full-time photographer and painter. Someone (albeit lovingly) advised that I should really just pick one passion and lay the other to rest. Boy, am I glad I didn't take that advice! When I'm not taking pictures, I'm pushing color around on paintings. When I'm not painting, I'm pushing color (and light) around in the camera. Both art forms have come to influence each other in ways I could never have imagined! At its core, all of my art has the same underlying truth- sharing the magic of simple, everyday magic with the world.