photo credit: Love Me Do Photography // Apartment Therapy

Hi, I’m McKenzie. I’m a self-taught multidisciplinary artist specializing in wedding + family photography and screenprinted acrylic paintings. I edit photos and paint in my home studio located on a small piece of land outside of Baltimore, MD. My partner Matt is also an artist and I feel immensely lucky that we both get to spend our days doing what we love, working in the garden, watching sci-fi movies, and talking to our cat like she's a baby. Sidenote: Apartment Therapy featured our home/studio(s) on their blog and you can take the tour here

I create paintings that center around nature and the wonder and innocence of childhood. I use a solar-powered screen printing technique where I layer line drawings on top of an abstract background and paint them in like a coloring book. The finished product is often mistaken for collage because the images pop off the surface. This technique lends a playfulness to my illustrations, which are hopeful and sweet. 

My photographs tell joyful and authentic love stories; whether of a newborn babe, an adventurous six-year-old running through wildflowers, or the teary-eyed embrace of your grandmother on your wedding day. My style can be called candid and journalistic, and I seek light and shadow like paint on a canvas. It's my job to show up at authenticity's doorstep- to document beauty during your most vulnerable, heartfelt moments. I thrive on giving you- and everyone close to your heart- something tangible to look back on.


  1. I played Little House on the Prairie (full on dress-up) and roamed our suburban neighborhood until I was 13. 
  2. Instead of going to college, I tried my hand at homesteading for five years and raised sheep, alpacas, honeybees, and chickens.
  3. I eat oatmeal every morning.
  4. Current favorite flowers are cosmos, marigold, and zinnia. 
  5. I'd rather eat tacos than pizza, but it's a close race.
  6. My mom let me skip school to paint with her. She also gave us kids a wall in the basement to paint ever-changing murals on.  
  7. In chronological order, I wanted to be: a heart surgeon, a brain surgeon, an OB/GYN, an interior designer, a midwife, a Montessori teacher, and a farmer. It took me awhile to realize being an artist was a career. 
  8. My parents owned a gourmet deli/coffee shop and I started working there as early as I can remember. (Like seriously- I swept coffee beans in exchange for candy at age three.) By the time I was in high school, I was working there full time. It was basically our second home. My brother and I would get out of school, go to Bun Penny, do our homework in the back office, and then punch the clock until close. 
  9. I'm habitually re-decorating with thrift shop scores and oops paint.
  10. If I leave a wedding without eating cake, then edit photos of said cake, I'll definitely be making a late night Wegman's bakery run. 

 all the best,