I’m McKenzie. I’m a self-taught multidisciplinary artist specializing in screenprinted acrylic illustrations and wedding + family photography. I paint and edit photos in my home studio located on a small piece of land outside of Baltimore, MD. There’s a creek, a vegetable garden, and a cat named Cat. 

I create paintings that center around nature and the wonder and innocence of childhood. I use a solar-powered screen printing technique where I layer line drawings on top of an abstract background and paint them in like a coloring book. The finished product is often mistaken for collage because the images pop off the surface. This technique lends a playfulness to my illustrations, which are hopeful and sweet. 

Similarly, my photographs tell joyful love stories; whether of a parent being adored by a child or of an intimate moment on your wedding day. I like being a fly on the wall and documenting the people you love interacting the way they always do. My style can be called candid and journalistic, and I love nothing more than sneaking off the beaten path to create magic with you. 

all the best,


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