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Hi, I’m McKenzie.

At its core, photography is heart work. You want this milestone in your lives documented with emotion and magic and creative excitement, and that’s exactly what I’m all about.

I live with my partner Matt and our baby boy just north of Baltimore, MD on a pretty plot of land. There’s a creek, an enormous meadow, room for a tomato plot, and plenty of wildflowers that change with every season. We met through our mutual love for art- Matt is a full time painter and- in addition to photographing weddings- I illustrate whimsical scenes of childhood. Our life is a happy one, full of art, DIY renovation projects, babytalking our cat, and time spent outside gardening.

CLICK PLAY below to watch a video about our own love story (and my work) that makes me cry every. damn. time.

ten random things about me

  1. I played Little House on the Prairie (full on dress-up) and roamed our suburban neighborhood in skirts and bonnets until I was 13.

  2. Instead of going to college, I tried my hand at homesteading for five years and raised sheep, alpacas, honeybees, and chickens.

  3. Sci-Fi! Gimme all the Star Trek!

  4. Current favorite flowers are cosmos, marigold, and zinnia.

  5. I'd rather eat tacos than pizza, but it's a close race.

  6. My mom let me skip school to paint with her. She also gave us kids a wall in the basement to paint ever-changing murals on.

  7. In chronological order, I wanted to be: a heart surgeon, a brain surgeon, an OB/GYN, an interior designer, a midwife, a Montessori teacher, and a farmer. It took me awhile to realize being an artist was a career.

  8. My parents owned a gourmet deli/coffee shop and I started working there as early as I can remember. (Like seriously- I swept coffee beans in exchange for candy at age three.) By the time I was in high school, I was working there full time. It was basically our second home. My brother and I would get out of school, go to Bun Penny, do our homework in the back office, and then punch the clock until close.

  9. I'm habitually re-decorating with thrift shop scores and oops paint.

  10. If I leave a wedding without eating cake, then edit photos of said cake, I'll definitely be making a late night Wegman's bakery run.

 all the best,




“We hired McKenzie for a courthouse wedding photos and also for a family gathering a few months later. Both were very different settings and with different people. McKenzie was amazing. I cannot say enough good things about her and her photography it. I love her natural style but also she took beautiful portraits. She's wonderful with kids and elderly folks and generally people who need to be somewhat wrangled for photos. Every single time I communicated with her or needed to get in touch with her, she was prompt to respond and everything was very clear. Everything was delivered on time and as discussed. I can't recommend her enough for all of your photography needs! Thank you so much, McKenzie, for capturing our wedding and making the experience not just painless but delightful.”