Not only is McKenzie an extremely natural and talented photographer, but she also had the guts to shoot my entire wedding party from a Baltimore City rooftop! She kept us feeling calm and comfortable, despite the common fear of heights and having our picture taken. She took a multitude of shots from various angles and when I show people my beloved wedding album they can’t believe we only had one photographer capture every pivotal moment.
— Michelle + Danny
Working with McKenzie was an absolute delight in every way. In fact, it was such a breeze that we did it twice! (First for our civil ceremony and then at a large family vows ceremony.) A mutual friend recommended her to photograph our first wedding at the Annapolis courthouse. We met McKenzie a few days ahead of the ceremony for a photo shoot at Sherwood Gardens in North Baltimore. She captured the beauty of that garden in spring in a way that highlighted both my dress and the joy on our faces! The day of the ceremony, McKenzie’s calm presence and sweet demeanor immediately soothed my bride jitters, and she and I have since become very close friends. Her photography style, with its dreamy lighting, unique composition, and insightful candid angles, was a perfect fit for the tone we wanted for our wedding. McKenzie gave us the natural beauty we asked for, without any of the goofy, cliched, run-of-the-mill poses we so disliked. She was also incredibly gracious and kind, and seamlessly fit herself into our wedding celebration without any trouble whatsoever. McKenzie is the ultimate professional as a wedding photographer: prompt, discreet, thorough, and consistent in delivering high-quality work. On top of all that, she’s a lovely person who is just a delight to have around. We will forever cherish every single photograph she took for us, at both of our weddings!
— Carly + David
The photographs of our family make my heart smile. Your positive energy and demeanor made all of us feel comfortable and natural for the entire session (not an easy feat); it can be seen through the emotions of joy and pride on parents’ and grandparents’ faces perfectly captured in the photos. Each image displays our everyday interactions in the best light. We cherish the details in the photos of little fingers, big laughs and sweet looks and look forward to more sessions to come. Thank you!
— Erica
McKenzie came recommended by a close a friend and we were so incredibly happy with her throughout the whole wedding process. After requesting to meet us in person at a local coffee shop, she was eager to hear about how we met, our family members, and what we wanted to capture on that special day. It was apparent from that first interaction she was serious in her work, creative, artistic, and thorough. In addition to spending time with us, she went to the wedding venue in advance in order to plan for some of her pictures and get a sense of the environment. On the big day, she was great in organizing family members for a few staged pictures but then quietly moved around the venue capturing the most beautiful candid images. We have loved to look back at all of the pictures that remind us of the quirky art displayed on the wall, to the food prepared for our guests, to children crawling on the floor, and family members having private conversations. Within a few days of our wedding, McKenzie gave us a few completed images and provided the remainder a short period later. The images were given to us in an adorably packaged flash drive along with some of her handmade cloth napkins. We have recommended her to friends as we were so pleased with her work, professionalism, artistic ability, and incredibly kind personality.
— Kati + Justin
McKenzie was an amazing photographer for my wedding. She met with me, and not only listened to everything I had to say, but had great questions and suggestions that I wouldn’t have even thought of. On the day of my wedding, she was joyful, professional, and absolutely listened to everything I had told her before the big day. She managed to get some amazing shots of my husband and I, and our respective families in very little time, leaving us more time to enjoy our wedding. This was all before we had even gotten back our pictures. When we first looked through them, I almost cried at how beautiful they were, and how well they encapsulated our special day. She even managed to capture a few moments between guests that I missed, which was lovely. The live shots really conveyed what it was like to be there, and all of the love and happiness in that room. My dad was so impressed with her, he ended up using her photography skills at his wedding a few months later. In short, I would highly recommend Mckenzie as a photographer for any event that you might have.
— Lloyd + Tomko
You captured our family exactly as I had hoped. I will have to go back through the pictures a hundred times more. I think I have 30 favorites. Which ones to frame?!?!?! I don’t think I can ever use another photographer- others don’t compare.
— Sharon
My husband and I were researching wedding photographers and found McKenzie’s webpage. We fell in love with how she caught the special moments of joy and love. We emailed her and she promptly responded to set up a date for us to meet at a cafe nearby. During our meeting, we discussed our vision which was to capture the spirit of our day along with some family photos. Working with McKenzie to turn our vision into reality was a seamless process. She helped us come up with a plan for our wedding day and made it completely stress-free for the photos. We love her laid-back and creative approach. When it rained during our wedding she made it into something special and some of our favorite photographs are in the rain. I’m not incredibly comfortable in front of a camera but McKenzie helped me feel at ease. We cannot thank her enough for all of her help, her whimsical, creative touch and our beautiful memories.
— Luciana + Adam
I just love these pictures so much. It took me a bit to get over how much I truly hate looking at pics of myself and now I just can’t stop looking at them. That farm made me the person and mother I am today and I don’t have the right words to describe the feeling of having those moments and colors captured forever. It’s almost like relief. Like I don’t have to worry about forgetting because it’s all right there for me. Thank you.
— Kerry
I have never been more in awe of your talents than I am looking at photos of my own life. You took such tiny moments and spots and feelings and colors and made them so magical. I kind of can’t even understand your skillz. The biggest feeling I felt when looking at them was just gratitude. Not in a hashtag blessed kind of way, but just grateful that this little boy hanging up dyed hankies and that landline on the mountain and messy little corner work space are part of MY life. It seems incredible, really, when you start to stack up the years and the choices and the people and the days and all of it just seems to fit and feel very right. Thank you for that feeling.
— Jessica
I can’t recommend McKenzie enough!! She was wonderful to work with, very kind and empathetic during what can be a stressful time, and truly committed to capturing the sorts of photos that are most meaningful to you personally. She’s not going off of a list of cheesy, traditional photos (though of course we did have a list of certain shots we wanted), she’s trying to capture moments and personalities, which is exactly what I was looking for in a photographer. Also, she was flexible and able to support us with a shorter than normal photography period and on relatively short notice. Oh and let’s not forget, she’s INCREDIBLY talented. I couldn’t believe how beautiful our wedding day looked through her lens.
— Alex + Enid
McKenzie has an unmatched, creative eye for photography and capturing one-of-a-kind images that are guaranteed to be passed down within your family for generations to come. She was my first choice for a wedding photographer and went above and beyond to capture truly beautiful and timeless images for us. On top of having such a keen eye for beautiful shots, McKenzie is incredibly personable and professional. From the moment I met her, I felt as though we connected and she had a wonderful understanding and professional timeline of how to ensure all the images we wanted were captured. McKenzie knows how to get every shot imaginable, and her creative vision is always endlessly beautiful. We absolutely loved having her as our wedding photographer and felt as though she was the perfect addition to our special day. She cares about each of her clients deeply, and it shows within her portfolio and final products for her clients. We had a wonderful experience with McKenzie —excellent communication abilities, beautiful vision for images, meeting exact deadlines, delivery of final product and sweet personal touches for our wedding package.
— Phoebe + Duncan