Rainy Engagement Photos in Old Ellicott City

Melissa and Nishant met me during the winter at their wedding venue, Overhills Mansion, for a tour of the grounds. It was so fun imagining how the space would transform with greenery by the time their summer wedding came. While we were there, we took some engagement photos. This couple was extremely camera shy (I feel ya!) so it took some goofy play to get them to relax and forget about me. We did some exaggerated model strutting, whispering dirty secrets, walking around bumping hips... basically anything ridiculous enough to make them think I was totally nuts. Getting that nervous energy out with phsyical movement always does the trick! When they were good and ready, I asked them to recount their first date while looking into each other's eyes. It was ADORABLE. I can't wait for their two day,  Indian-American fusion wedding this July!