Family Photos with Sisters at Homeland Duck Pond

This is the third year I've had the privilege of photographing the Lindamood family, and watching their girls grow has been a complete joy. While they've gotten taller, more independent, more introspective, goofier, one thing has stayed the same- their affection for one another and their parents. They are the definition of a tight-knit family and I'm pretty sure Kevin and Melisa need to come out with a parenting book! We met around the pond in their old neighborhood, fed the ducks old bread, and chatted about the girls' new classes, books they've read, and places they visited since we last met. One year might blur into the next, especially if you're busy raising kids; But from my perspective, SO much changes in 365 days. Being able to make a series of images that shows that change from the outside in is why I love this job with all my heart!