Baby Photography in a Mt. Vernon Row House

Grace and three month old Lia are visiting from Turkey, so grandpa hired me for an at home photography session to document this precious time in Lia's babyhood. It was a very cloudy day, and the light was dark and moody which matched the decor of the living room so well. After I shared these images with Grace, she shared this sweet sentiment: 

“I asked McKenzie to photograph me nursing because I didn't want to forget how intimate and deep these moments with Lia are. How could I have photos taken of her at this age without covering this thing we do so many times a day and during which we exchange such pure love with each other? Sometimes we just gaze into each other's eyes. Sometimes we make each other laugh and joke. Nursing is the definition of ‘quality time’ for us right now so it had to be documented.”

Grace, it was an honor. Thank you so much.