Heirloom Portrait Session with Grandma

When you have the opportunity to meet a bride to talk wedding timeline and meet her grandma in the process, you take it! It was the perfect opportunity to capture some photographs of the two since Dolly wasn't able to attend her granddaughter's wedding. Phoebe wrote a little about her grandma:

Dorothy "Dolly" Cochran, 95 years old. A true remaining doll of the 1920's era. Dolly was the apple of her fathers eye, and was particularly close to her sister Alice, traveling to numerous countries together in their youth. Dolly stated that in order to go downtown, "one must always wear a hat, and gloves." Married at the age of 25 to a U.S. Navy sailor, together they adopted two children from Germany whilst stationed in Holland. Dolly had dreams of becoming a nurse, but ultimately stayed home to raise her children. Dolly has since become a deeply beloved mother, grandmother, and now great-grandmother.