Chinese-American Wedding at Cylburn Mansion

They said their first vows in a tiny church next to a winding river in China. Moving to America with their three year old and expecting a baby girl, they found the perfect opportunity to go for round two. We met at Chris' parent's home where Lucia was getting all dolled up. She chose a classic up-do reminiscent of the 1920's and paired that with pearls and pink flowers. When everyone was dressed and ready, we headed to Cylburn Mansion.

This was my first wedding with a significant language barrier, and I have to say it made the day SO much more fun! Lucia's mom speaks primarily Chinese but she struck some killer poses without any prompting and kept beckoning me here and there for different photos. She was so proud of her daughter and didn't need words to express that!

The ceremony was one of my favorites to date. Since most of their friends also have toddlers, the processional was filled with children! Chris and Lucia renewed their vows while a gaggle of kids played with rose petals at their feet. Adorable is an understatement!

After all was said and done, as the sun dipped below the tree line and everything glowed like late summer, so did they.