Offbeat Vintage Wedding at The Elm in Hampden

A few days before their wedding, I dreamed she was wearing a lavender dress. Imagine my shock when I showed up to the venue and found this beauty! I love that she paired it with sparkly shoes and a handmade paper flower bouquet- 100% her! The Elm in Hampden is similar in its unique charm. Sharon- owner and resident- has turned this industrial warehouse into a cozy and whimsical spot for weddings. It feels almost like getting married at home, probably because Sharon actually lives here with her artist husband!

This couple gathered an assortment of cake toppers for a variety of homemade cakes. The kokeshi dolls were the star of the show, especially considering their honeymoon to Japan! Even though it was rainy, I'm so happy these two were down to take portraits outdoors. It made everyone a little more giggly and the group shot of everyone in attendance was SUPER exhilarating to create. When most couples contact me, they say something along the lines of, "the most important thing to us is that our friends and family have fun." After months- sometimes years- of planning, it's always a pleasure to document that in action!