Mother and Child Photos at Cromwell Valley Park

When Diana first emailed me she wrote, "I am a single mom and it's always hard to see the family photos with the mom, dad and kids; I decided to get over that and embrace our family, unique as it is. I would love for you to be our photographer." This is why I love what I do. That something in my photos would empower a woman to feel deserving of having her experience of motherhood documented, humbles me to the core. Diana's family is beautiful, her heart is pure, and her love for her sons is gentle and fierce all at once.

She went on to confide that she lost her first baby as an infant, and would love to find a way to honor his memory. At first I wasn't sure exactly how, but when she talked about being reminded of him when she saw butterflies, and how her family raises Monarchs each season, milkweed pods seemed like a perfect symbolic gesture. These ephemeral, feathery seeds are for her first baby, sure to plant themselves and regrow season after season. 

Thank you, Diana, for sharing the darkest and brightest parts of your heart. Thank you for finding the courage to ask a photographer to capture memories for your family. Thank you for trusting.