Elizabeth + Lee's Intimate Wedding at Wellspring Conference Center // Germantown, Maryland

He proposed to her "over grapefruit at breakfast and conversations about furniture," which I think set the tone for their relaxed, genuinely lovely wedding day. It was simply about bringing family and friends together for something that felt like a late summer potluck- and of course- an excuse to wear a wedding gown little girls dream of.

Everyone gathered at Elizabeth's family church,  a series of intimate A-frame buildings lined with warm wood planks. Over the course of summer, she'd thrifted for mismatched tablecloths, vintage floral china, and carefully placed family wedding photos in vintage frames. She even made the flower bouquets herself!

But probably the most meaningful element of their wedding was their ceremony.  Under two enormous trees in the center of an empty field, Elizabeth and Lee exchanged vows. The clouds moved so quickly that day. They covered the entire sky one moment and the next it was radiantly sunny. If their ceremony was a play (these two have a background in theater) the lighting design impeccably added to the story.

Their parents read poetry, a close friend played the accordion, hymns were sung, and at one point, every person there held hands at the same time. Two friends choreographed a zen-like dance routine that represented marriage through movement- the ups, the downs, but most of all the centeredness that marriage provides and the special way it encourages two people to be their best selves, side by side. 

Phoebe + Duncan's Backyard Wedding // West River, Maryland

When I arrived at Duncan's parent's house for his and Phoebe's Woodstock, Maryland wedding, I knew it was going to be one of those creatively fulfilling, easy as pie afternoons. The earliest guests were just starting to arrive, so we snuck out the kitchen door for secret portraits by the woodshed. Phoebe's dress kept picking up tiny leaves and it looked so at home trailing behind her in the grass. She was like an extension of the nature that surrounded us. When it came time for the ceremony, a few chairs from the dining room were set under two enormous trees for grandparents and everyone else crowded around. Phoebe gracefully walked out the front door and met Duncan to exchange vows. Time stood still and you could hear every bird, every whisper of wind, every sigh. 

At Home Family Photo Session // Sungold Flower Co. // Southern Maryland

I met Caitlin on the internet back when her oldest, Maisy, was still in diapers. They had just bought their little farmstead and I was still deep in the throes of my own farming adventures. A lot has changed since then- namely the fact that she has three more babies (!), found her calling as a flower farmer, and (most excitingly) we finally met in person! 

During our session, the kids nibbled goldfish instead of dinner, ran around with dirt between their toes, played hide and seek in the cosmos patch, and licked ice cream cones on the greenhouse porch. All the things childhood is made of. This was their first time asking a family photographer to document their life, and I think we made some absolute magic together! 

First Birthday Backyard Celebration

Kat and Cris asked me to document their baby girl's first birthday, right in their Maryland backyard. Tissue paper flowers hung from every tree, linen buntings were draped between them, and a tiny play theater was definitely the main toddler attraction! Older children crafted owl masks for each other, and everyone looked sweet as can be, hooting around. Mama walked her homemade strawberry cake with flickering candles out to her baby, tears were held back, and wishes made.

Phoebe and Dolly

When you have the opportunity to meet a bride to talk wedding timeline and meet her grandma in the process, you take it! It was the perfect opportunity to capture some photographs of the two since Dolly wasn't able to attend her granddaughter's wedding. Phoebe wrote a little about her grandma:

Dorothy "Dolly" Cochran, 95 years old. A true remaining doll of the 1920's era. Dolly was the apple of her fathers eye, and was particularly close to her sister Alice, traveling to numerous countries together in their youth. Dolly stated that in order to go downtown, "one must always wear a hat, and gloves." Married at the age of 25 to a U.S. Navy sailor, together they adopted two children from Germany whilst stationed in Holland. Dolly had dreams of becoming a nurse, but ultimately stayed home to raise her children. Dolly has since become a deeply beloved mother, grandmother, and now great-grandmother.

Unposed Family Session // Glyndon, Maryland

It's always a good sign when the family cat greets you first, right? Because of this lovebug, we dove right into their backyard photo session. Everyone wanted in on the snuggles and summer's sun cast the most beautiful glow. The boys of the family were a little apprehensive about having pictures taken, but they quickly realized this was all about play, not posing. We explored the creek, climbed the neighbor's fence, swung on trees, pretended we won the lottery (jumping around like crazy), and the kids had more than one tickle fight! I love photographing families at home.

Lucia + Chris' Cylburn Arboretum Mansion Wedding // Baltimore, Maryland

They said their first vows in a tiny church next to a winding river in China. Moving to America with their three year old and expecting a baby girl, they found the perfect opportunity to go for round two. We met at Chris' parent's home where Lucia was getting all dolled up. She chose a classic up-do reminiscent of the 1920's and paired that with pearls and pink flowers. 

This was my first wedding with a significant language barrier, and I have to say it made the day SO much more fun! Lucia's mom speaks primarily Chinese but she struck some killer poses without any prompting and kept beckoning me here and there for different photos. She was so proud of her daughter and didn't need words to express that!

The ceremony was one of my favorites to date. Since most of their friends also have toddlers, the processional was filled with children! Chris and Lucia renewed their vows while a gaggle of kids played with rose petals at their feet. Adorable is an understatement!

After all was said and done, as the sun dipped below the tree line and everything glowed like late summer, so did they.

Candid Newborn Photo Session // Baltimore, Maryland

Emily and Martin reached out to me before their first baby was born because they wanted casual, in-home photographs documenting their time as new parents. We hung out with the family cats,  fawned over Louisa's tiny fingernails, and took a walk down the city block, crunchy leaves underfoot 

When Morris was born, our session had an entirely different dynamic- that of a toddler big sister exploring what it means to welcome a tiny human into the family! Louisa gave him a few cuddles and was off to play just as fast. Everyone piled on mom and dad's bed, baby nursed, dad read a few picture books, and we all marveled at how much their family had changed in just a few years!