"I have never been more in awe of your talents than I am looking at photos of my own life. You took such tiny moments and spots and feelings and colors and made them so magical. I kind of can't even understand your skillz. The biggest feeling I felt when looking at them was just gratitude. Not in a hashtag blessed kind of way, but just grateful that this little boy hanging up dyed hankies and that landline on the mountain and messy little corner work space are part of MY life. It seems incredible, really, when you start to stack up the years and the choices and the people and the days and all of it just seems to fit and feel very right. Thank you for that feeling."


Schmidt Family Summer 2016- McKenzie Elizabeth Photography- Instagram (71 of 79).jpg

"You captured our family exactly as I had hoped. I will have to go back through the pictures a 100 times more. I think I have 30 favorite pictures. Which ones to frame!?!?! I don't think I can ever use another photographer, others don't compare."




"I just love these pictures so much. It took me a bit to get over how much I truly hate looking at pics of myself and now I just can't stop looking at them. That farm made me the person and mother I am today and I don't have the right words to describe the feeling of having those moments and colors captured forever. It's almost like relief. Like I don't have to worry about forgetting because it's all right there for me. Thank you."



"The photographs of our family make my heart smile. Your positive energy and demeanor made all of us feel comfortable and natural for the entire session (not an easy feat);  it can be seen through the emotions of joy and pride on parents’ and grandparents’ faces perfectly captured in the photos. Each image displays our everyday interactions in the best light.  We cherish the details in the photos of little fingers, big laughs and sweet looks and look forward to more sessions to come. Thank you!"