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My most striking and memorable work happens when you're comfortable and what's more comfortable than being at home or taking a hike on your favorite trail? Let's spend some time getting to know each other and dive into something your family really does together- make pancakes, fold laundry, feed your baby, change a diaper, have a tickle fight, catch frogs, rake leaves, take a bubble bath, run through the sprinkler in your undies, kiss bruises, eat ice cream cones, get messy...

I'm not a "prim and proper" sort of person and most likely you're not either. Let's get real and document your normal.

  • 1 hour session for $400
  • 50 edited images formatted for print, facebook, and instagram sharing (delivered on a flash drive)
  • option to have photos printed

Newborn sessions are priced and structured the same as family sessions. I don't put bows on your baby or bring baskets and knitted props. I don't airbrush or pose or do any of the stuff traditional newborn photographers do. Instead, I take joy in documenting the beautiful, exhausting, raw, and peachfuzzy reality of becoming parents.

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I specialize in documenting non-traditional weddings and thrive on capturing unfiltered moments. I fell in love with photographing people the same way I fell in love with painting. More than anything, my voice as an artist defines my view through the lens. It influences the moments I anticipate, that one perfect shot I choose from a dozen, and the way I stitch together each image to tell stories. 

It's a special thing to be responsible for capturing the friendship that two people decide to share with the people they love. Choosing to have a wedding is kind of a big deal, right? So it never ceases to amaze me that these photos I get to take are the ones that generations and generations will look back on. The narrative of your relationship- and the story of your wedding day- should shine for the things that make it you and the details you put so much love into. Having beautiful, journalistic-style photographs is the equivalent of having a time machine.

My priority is being the kind of presence each unique couple envisions. Some couples strictly want candid shots. They feel 100% certain that posed is not their thing. They hate having their picture taken. (Me too, me too...) Others value family/group photos but would love for the process to be quick and easy. And still, others are unsure what kind of style they prefer most and want a blend!

In searching for the right photographer for your wedding, you've come across a handful of packages and qualifications to compare. Mine is based on time, because budgets are a real thing and I have one too. Shoot me an email with the location of your wedding and approximately how many hours you're hoping to have documented and I'll send you a custom quote. I'm also available for shorter events (birthdays, bat/bar mitzvahs, anniversary parties, and elopements) so don't hesitate to tell me your specifics!

What do you get?

  • my time and eye as an artist
  • flash drive with edited images formatted for print, facebook, and instagram sharing (rights to print included)
  • option to have photos printed or a book made


Whether you're a seamstress, a painter, run a food truck, sell vintage clothes out of a schoolbus, or grow flowers for market, you have a unique story and your audience wants to experience it.

I've grown my art business almost entirely on my skills as a photographer and want to help you grow your business too.

Invite me into your workspace and go about your routine. Let real life distract you. Let your kids "help" at your feet. We'll document the behind-the-scenes that makes your work different from the rest.

You'll get branding and family photos that share what you love to do with the world. 

  • 2 hour session for $700
  • 60 edited images formatted for print, facebook, and instagram sharing (delivered on a flash drive)
  • gallery with additional images available for purchase
  • downloadable pdf with tips and tricks on photographing your product for social media
  • option to add a 30 minute in-person consultation about photographing your work for your customers
  • option to have photos printed in a lookbook